cross platform internet speed test using HTML  is a cross platform internet speed test Ynlike other internet speed test site this site works everywhere , no plugins or adddons require . it will is just using native browser technology . so you can test your speed in a wide variaty of devices .

Also Technicaly it is able to test up to 1 Gbps connection , so normal broabband users can get good results all the time . it is so simple user interface . will automaticaly select the server nere you location  and accelirate the speed tesht using server side optimatizations . and give you the most accurate results . no matter where you are , you will get accurate speed always , this is a major advantagees over current speed test technologies , dont forget to try today .

i am attaching some sample speed test sceenshoots . so you van get a cleare idea about what it is and how it works .


also they have a chrome bookmark  application . try this also .